Youth Boxing Registration Form

2020-2021 Policies, Procedures & General Information

Champs 24/7 Fitness instructional classes are offered year round. You may register anytime throughout the year, based on class availability. REGISTRATION FEE AND 1ST MONTHS TUITION ARE DUE UPON REGISTRATION. We must have a current signed registration – participation form on file before anyone can be accepted into a class. Telephone registrations are not accepted.

Tuition is based on a yearly calendar, divided by 12 months. Monthly tuition remains the same for months with 5 weeks, as well as for months with 4 weeks or holiday closures. At the time you register, the first month’s tuition, prorated if signing up after the 1st class of the month. Each month thereafter, tuition is due on the first. A $15 late fee is added after the 10th if the account has still not been received. If your account is still not paid on the 15th, student(s) will not be allowed in the gym for class/practice and may be dropped from the program if space is limited. Tuition cannot be pro-rated due to holidays or yearly gym closings.

Accounts paid after the 10th of the month will be charged a $15.00 late fee. Any unpaid balance that is 30 days overdue may terminate your further participation at Champs 24/7 Fitness.

Should your check be returned by your bank, your account will be charged the amount of the check plus a $25.00 return check fee. Repayment for the returned check and service fee may be requested in cash or money order.

Because of our strict student to teacher ratio, there will be no refund or credits for missed classes. In addition, you should call in advance to let the office know that your child will miss class. Missed classes will not result in pro-rated tuition or refunds. Prorated refunds for extended illness or injury (over one month) may be made upon timely notification and/or doctors note of the situation to the office.

It is imperative that you advise us in writing if you decide to drop any or all classes. Please note that payment is due for that 2-week period. If a student stops coming to class without written notification, that student’s account will be charged for the additional 30 days. This charge will be for holding the student’s place in that class instead of offering that place to a student on the waiting list. *NOTIFICATION MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE OFFICE IN WRITING TO TERMINATE BILLING.

Classes will be added upon demand. All classes (days/times) are subject to change based on enrollment – you will be notified of any changes. At least four students are needed to keep a class open.






    Medical Information

    Currently taking medications (Yes/No)? If so, please list:

    List any past injuries or special information we should know about: (Include dates or onset of injury)

    PERMISSION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT AND RELEASE FORM: By participating and/or giving my child permission to participate in any Champs 24/7 programs and/or classes, I acknowledge the fact that all programs and/or classes offered at Champs 24/7 Fitness involve a certain degree of risk to the participant. In the event of an accident or illness I authorize any Champs 24/7 Fitness employee to take the necessary steps regarding emergency medical treatments, including first aid, calling of ambulance service or transportation to hospital. In my absence I authorize the hospital facility and staff to treat my child for any illness or injury he/she has. I further understand that I am solely responsible for costs incurred for any and all medical treatment. I fully understand the above and intending to be legally bound do hereby, for my child, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release, discharge and indemnify any and all rights and claims for damages, which may, or may thereafter accrue against Champs 24/7 Fitness or their respective officers, agents, successors and/or assigns for any injury or illness which may be sustained while participating in classes or special events at any location. I have read the information for enrolling in programs and/or classes at Champs 24/7 Fitness and I understand the fees, rules and regulations listed for my benefit and I agree to all terms and conditions. I acknowledge the fact that participation in any program at Champs 24/7 Fitness involves a certain degree of risk of serious injury, including paralysis or death. I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept and assume the risk. I also understand that Champs 24/7 Fitness has photographic rights and that throughout enrollment photos and/or films may be taken and used for publicity purposes. I also understand that Champs 24/7 Fitness has photographic rights and that throughout enrollment photos and/or films may be taken and used for publicity purposes.

    I understand that all tuition is due by the 1st of every month and late after the 10th. A $15 Late Fee will be added.

    I must give a 2-week written notice of withdrawal and that I will be obligated to pay tuition for the entire month.

    I have read and understand the above listed policies and procedures.

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